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The Spiritual Well-Being Scale

The Spiritual Well-Being Scale is a general indicator of perceived well-being which may be used for the assessment of both individual and congregational spiritual well-being. It provides an overall measure of the perception of spiritual quality of life, as well as subscale scores for Religious and Existential Well-Being. The Religious Well-Being subscale provides a self-assessment of one's relationship with God, while the Existential Well-Being Subscale gives a self-assessment of one's sense of life purpose and life satisfaction.

The SWBS is composed of twenty items, ten of which assess religious well-being specifically, and ten of which assess existential well-being.

The SWBS is a paper-pencil instrument currently available in English and Spanish. The standard method is for the scale to be self-administered and it takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

The SWBS can be ordered directly through this Life Advance, website, in small or large quantities.


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